Thank you for choosing LINKFRA. You can acces the digital platform of LINKFRA, S.L. (hereinafter, LICENSOR), which functions as a Marketplace for those companies that wish to participate, so that they can make visible relevant information about their company and about their participation in different projects, as well as places where they have developed their projects, among other relevant business information. The LICENSOR is the owner of the computer program called "LINKFRA" (hereinafter, the COMPUTER APPLICATION). This program is formed by different modules which can be licensed, forming an operative unit integrated in the COMPUTER APPLICATION.

The license of use that is granted to the user (hereinafter, the LICENSEE) includes the terms and clauses described below. These terms and conditions will also apply to future updates of the computer application. The user confirms that he has read and agrees to comply with the established terms and conditions. If the user does not agree with the terms and conditions in this license of use, or he can not comply with them, he cannot use the services of the COMPUTER APPLICATION.

In order for a user to use the COMPUTER APPLICATION, they must comply with the following conditions: 1) Comply with the necessary legal requirements to be able to perform the present binding contract, 2) Comply with the stipulations set forth herein.

The user has been informed that the COMPUTER APPLICATION has been developed by THE LICENSOR or has the appropriate exploitation rights of a third party, so, THE LICENSOR has exclusive rights on THE COMPUTER APPLICATION in its widest way and world-wide, and intellectual property rights on the distinctive signs that distinguish THE LICENSOR in the market.

This LICENSE OF USE OF THE COMPUTER APPLICATION is subject to the following,

Last modification: Sep 04th , 2019