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Comparison price table

Silver Account Gold Account Platinum Account
  • Create your profile
  • Acceding to all companies
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  • Be verified by Linkfra
  • Appearing in business rankings
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  • Make your projects visible
  • Empowering your last achievements
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3.000 € / year max. 3.500 € / year max. 4.000 € / year max.
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Plans & Pricing

Silver Account

3.000 €/ per year max.

  • This account allows your company to create and update its own profile in Linkfra, making your company visible to other companies and acceding to the information available from other companies.

Gold Account

3.500 €/ per year max.

  • All the benefits in Silver Account plus... this option allows your company to be verified by Linkfra, ensuring the accuracy of your information giving more strength to your profile. Only verified companies will have presence in business rankings created by Linkfra for different categories.

Platinum Account

4.000 €/ per year max.

  • All the benefits in Gold Account plus... this option allows your company to advertise relevant projects, which are published according with the search by other companies, in order to increase company´s visibility based on latest experiences.
prices with taxes excluded

Our Difference

stopSpecialized platform where the different players of an infrastructure project have an open profile that makes them visible.
stopInformation organized by the activity in the country and experience.
stopHomogeneous data: comparison of information, simplifying decision making process.
stopReach the right person of the selected company.
stopEach company keeps its profile updated, they are visible, showing their value with unified criteria.